Future Vox


Pack Demo-0507aad1

Full Specifications

  • 333 Total WAV files
  • 42 Total Serum Presets (including kits)
  • 15 Serum Wavetables
  • 6 Construction Kits (including presets, MIDI and Insert Chains)
  • 15 Vocal Lead loops (with relevant Serum presets)
  • 51 Vocal runs
  • 31 Pitched Down runs
  • 30 Pitched Up runs
  • 15 Processed runs
  • 20 Processed notes
  • 11 Quantized runs
  • 8 Short Notes
  • 16 Sustained Notes
  • 10 Vocal Loops
  • 21 Words and Phrases

Total Number Of Files:

  • 405
  • 476 MB

Software Requirements:

  • Serum v1.113


Future Bass Vocals. Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Future Vox’.

Our huge collection of Vocal chops, loops and leads for Future Bass and Pop production.

Make your productions stand out with over 250 vocal runs and loops, each key labeled and ready to go. 

The use of vocals in Future Bass and Pop has become very popular, with this pack you can choose to chop up vocal runs to make your own loops or use our specifically designed Serum presets. 

Each preset utilizes the vocal tone using wavetables, giving the lead sounds a vocal quality, whilst also sounding rich and powerful.

Not only this, but we’ve included 6 fully reconstructable kits (as heard in the demo) with all drums, MIDI, presets and insert chains.

With these vocal tools at your disposal, this pack is sure to bring your tracks to the next level.

All sounds from demo included in pack.

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